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Banijay’s commercial arm, Banijay Brands has teamed with interactive platform PIXELYNX to launch a series of digital experiences that “bring the Black Mirror series to life in new ways.” The series of immersive experiences will “plunge participants deep into the enigmatic world of Black Mirror over the course of a series of seasons that will evolve, hosted on the newly created Re-Up Platform, a digital hub to experience the partnership.” “Black Mirror is acclaimed for its thought-provoking episodes that offer a dark and insightful commentary on the societal impacts of technology, predicting many aspects of the future we now live in. Our goal is to bring this twisted universe to life for the superfans who want to experience a new layer of the world. Re-Up is an exciting new product we have developed for the Black Mirror IP. We are honoured to share this project with the world at a time when we may need more help than usual to smile, welcome to the club.,” said Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELYNX “Black Mirror is a unique brand and it fits seamlessly into PIXELYNX’s digital ecosystem, for an innovative and interactive experience that will bring the series to life for fans. We always want the best partners to work with our IP, and PIXELYNX is leading the way in this field, with a strong track record of delivering projects at the forefront of technology and entertainment,” said Owain Walbyoff, Chief Commercial Officer, Banijay The “social experiment” is designed to unfold over a number of phases and “early participation is encouraged if you want to stay fully immersed.”




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Dropped on: 2024/03/12 1:00pm UTC +0