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nft image
Exclusible x Alpine Let there be Light
Ethereum NFT
About the Drop Alpine, the premium French carmaker known for its racing prowess and technological innovations, has unveiled a collection of NFT artworks that will redefine digital art in the automotive industry. The upcoming ‘Let There Be Light” series of NFTs invites art lovers and racing enthusiasts to explore the world of algorithmic creation, reshaped by AI. By creating a new way for fans to own a piece of the brand in a way that was not previously possible, Alpine is taking the next step in its commitment to innovation. The luxury automobile manufacturer has selected Exclusible, the leading platform for Web3, NFTs and upscale metaverse activations, to release a collection of NFTs that will be drop on November 1st 2022. The NFTs are a collaboration between Alpine and Obvious, a Paris based digital art collective working with Artificial Intelligence. This partnership is part of Alpine's commitment to innovation, as well as its rich racing history and its future in AI and technology. The two brands share a common goal: to use technological innovation to reinvent and explore an ever-expanding universe of possibilities. Alpine’s collaboration with Obvious brings the luxury automaker into the future with the highest standard of phygital utilities and experiences. It will be a unique way of merging art and science, and a significant advancement for Alpine as it builds communities in Web3. The AI-designed Sastruga sports car, unveiled at the Art Paris Fair in 2022 and created in collaboration with Obvious, is the centerpiece of this exclusive art collection. Owners of these assets will receive mid- and long-term utilities and benefits as well as owning a piece of ultra creative digital art. The “Let There Be Light” NFT collection will be available exclusively on Exclusible’s platform from November 1st 2022. About the Collab Alpine has built its legend with technical innovation and automotive excellence at the service of performance and emotion. Obvious took inspiration from the brand's legendary sporting heritage to invent and create a new an imaginary circuit, a synthesis of all the racetracks Alpine has distinguished itself on and generated thanks to artificial intelligence. Its style represents the friction of the air against the car on this imaginary circuit. The aesthetics are inspired from the sastruga phenomenon when snow eroded by the wind leaves geometric undulations on the ground. This phenomenon echoes Alpine’s DNA and is the creative basis for this project. On the back of the A110 is a mathematical formula, the artists' signature, which symbolizes the algorithm with which the collective worked to generate the imaginary Alpine tracks.




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