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Gamma Summer Pass
BTC Ordinal
The Gamma Summer Pass is an access pass to five unique experiences throughout Bitcoin Summer 2024. With it, you'll receive a free exclusive airdrop created by Billy Restey, plus exclusive access to three mints from Partner Artists throughout the summer: Amber Vittoria, WeaslyGrizzly, and OTO. At the end of the Summer, the pass will grant you first and early access to a brand new experience on Gamma. The Summer Pass itself is a dynamic and interactive inscription designed by Billy Restey. The inscription can be clicked to hide the written details, and viewing the pass at nighttime will feature an even deeper colored sunset. The Original inscription from which Summer Pass editions are made is inscribed on a special sat—a palindrome mined on Bitcoin's very first Summer solstice in June 2009. MINT DETAILS The Gamma Summer Pass is available exclusively to active collectors on Gamma and of Gamma Partner Artists. To qualify to claim the pass, you must have minted at least 3 unique drops on Gamma, and continued to hold at least 3 drops from Gamma by June 6th, 2024. Eligible collectors can claim up to 2 Summer Passes for 0.0012 BTC each. The Summer Pass mint will take place in two 15-minute mint windows, twelve hours apart, allowing collectors in any time zone to join in. There will be no public sale.




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Dropped on: 2024/06/18 4:00pm UTC +0