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Gold Crew Atlas Official
Ethereum NFT
Gold Crew Atlas is powered by Element United, a successful blockchain company with a fully-doxxed and accomplished team. - Get exclusive access to the beta of the Gold Crew Atlas Browser Game with daily rewards, and NFT-powered perks. NFT rewards can be used in the Element marketplace for minting new NFTs, game enhancements, and real gold! -Mint an NFT to receive a free Element Lite Node (worth 25$), and a chance to win 2 Element Smart Nodes (worth 2500$ each) - Ready to strike gold? Get your hands on land plots tied to real-world mines in our upcoming land sale - Be the king or queen of your own mining operation in our future mobile game - Get Elements digital rewards from the GCA digital reward treasury! The treasury will be powered by Element Smart Nodes allocated to the Element United DAO. These rewards can be used in the Element Marketplace. - Do good for the world - a percentage of mint and royalty revenue will go towards humanitarian efforts and impacted communities, with details shared publicly About Element United Element United's mission is to stop exploitative mining and provide relief to impacted communities. We are accomplishing this by building digital economies linked to physical mines. Our partner mines are required to provide an independent technical report that evaluates the mineral resources available in the ground. This report is then used to digitize the estimated precious elements and convert them into NFTs, games, scavenger hunts, and other digital assets. These assets are secured by Element nodes on our blockchain, and participants in the ecosystem are given digital rewards. This creates a financial incentive and alternative economy that motivates miners to stop traditional mining methods.




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