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nft image
Jackson Alves: ’26’ on MakersPlace
Ethereum NFT
The Drop Calligraphy is an ancient art form that gracefully intertwines tradition with modernity. Evolving through the centuries, it adapts to contemporary expressions while preserving the timeless elegance of handwritten scripts. In its perpetual modernization, calligraphy stands as a bridge connecting the past and present, a testament to the enduring allure of this timeless craft. As a calligrapher, Jackson Alves is a perpetual explorer of artistic expression, constantly seeking novel styles and innovative approaches to the art of writing. In his journey to create visually captivating and meaningful compositions, Jackson embraces a spirit of experimentation. The strokes of his pens and brushes dance across the canvas, weaving a tapestry of diverse styles and forms. The Collection This collection is one of his explorations, where the artist mixes two calligraphy styles, Fraktur Gothic with Italic letters, adding extra volume and interlocking them with each other. The result is 26 outstanding pieces that captivate our eye's attention with every brushstroke. The Physicals 26 is a hybrid collection. The collection is dedicated to people who love traditional and modern art. It has digital assets with physical counterparts, which means that whoever collects the digital artwork on the primary market will also receive the original and unique corresponding physical work directly from the artist's studio. Adding an extra touch to the collection, in addition to the 26 letters, the collector will also be able to purchase a “blank” canvas. The “blank” canvas will allow the collector to request a word, select a color and style (from the options provided), and the artist will create an exclusive piece with that word. The artwork will then be delivered both digitally and physically to the collector.




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Dropping on 2024/03/14 6:00pm UTC +0