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Building the on-ramp layer for web3 accounts, Monetize Network Effects on an Opend, seamless platform. Earn from your network on a network you own. Kentaro is a groundbreaking Web3 social platform that that is committed to constructing a DID traffic system and revolutionizing the decentralized value of individuals. By offering a transparent, open, and customizable platform powered by a DID+AI algorithm, it empowers individuals, groups, organizations, and more to create their own exclusive social networks and incentive systems. Kentaro opens up avenues for both online and offline traffic, injecting fresh vitality into marketing and social interactions while granting everyone the opportunity to monetize the network effects of traffic. This platform ushers in a brand new world, where Kentaro's NFTs will emerge as the most cherished tokens. The team has achieved remarkable milestone in recent years by successfully launching multiple top-tier DeFi projects, which have garnered a TVL surpassing 100 million and attracted over 50,000 on-chain users. On average, team members possess more than 5 years of experience in blockchain marketing, advertising, community management, and technology. They also possess a strong background in collaborating with major CEXs and wallets. Furthermore, team members have an impressive track record in the web2 social media realm, having served as co-founders of a renowned dating social app with a user base exceeding 30 million. The app consistently ranks among the top applications on various app stores. Kentaro is thrilled to announce its successful funding from Math Wallet. Founded by Eric Yu in 2019, Math Wallet has achieved significant milestones in its journey, completing two rounds of financing and accumulating a total funding of 19.8 million US dollars. The most recent round, a Series B financing on December 17, 2020, raised an impressive total of 12 million US dollars.




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Dropped on: 2023/12/18 12:00pm UTC +0