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nft image
The Moon Base Annual Pass
Ethereum NFT
Dedicated Team is an a la carte based NFT Hub for both Creators and Collectors. The Moon Base Annual Pass is Season One of the Dedicated Voyage to the Moon. How will we get there? By the use of a Discord NFT Aggregation tool built by Dedicated Dad, Cyber Security Engineer. After 1 year of building, the bots expanded into a database of NFT activity that happens on the blockchain / twitter / reddit / dune / opensea / blur. A Database of Information can be utilized as a searchable catalog as well as a Powerful Reference Tool to see early trends on the blockchain. All these alerts are delivered within discord and searchable with keywords in the Dedicated Discord. Everyone in the space always says DYOR and this aggregator will aid NFT collectors in efficiently searching up a project in a discord to get various data about volume, sales and other important information aiding in decision making. Some of the perks minting The Annual Moon Base Pass Access to Bots in discord (Over 100 Bots) Trending Latest Activity on the Blockchain Moon Base Pass Holders will Participate in Creating the Official PFP Collection (WE ARE STARTING A NEW NFT TREND) Moon Base Merchandise Shop to include: Shirts, Cups, Rolling Trays, Wall Art and more (You will be able to customize merch using any NFT in your wallet) Access to discounts through an Online Smoke Shop. (Collab will grant us access to their online shop and NFT will grant discounts) Exclusive Access to our Alpha Callers who have been doing an amazing job. Exclusive Whitelist from Projects we collab with or Dedicated Team Launches within our Launchpad Service. Exclusive Giveaways to include Real physical items being shipped to you. Prior to the voyage, the Dedicated Team will be offering Free Beta Access to the tool for those joining the server. The tool is fully ready for use and has been being utilized by various alpha callers in the space to efficiently help make better calls.




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Dropped on: 2023/04/29 3:00pm UTC +0