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nft image
Urs Fischer: ‘CHAOS XI – From the Vault’ on MakersPlace
Ethereum NFT
“People seem to fear art. Art has always been a word for this thing that can’t be rationalized; when you see or hear something that you struggle to explain. But that’s its strength, of course, that’s what the word ‘art’ is for.” – Urs Fischer Urs Fischer x Fair Warning x MakersPlace are pleased to announce the final drop of Fischer’s ambitious CHAOS series. CHAOS, Fischer’s genesis NFT project, is a series consisting of 1,000 everyday objects, paired together to form 500 unique creations. Concluding the collection, #501 is a cataclysmic explosion of Fischer’s conceptual work. Fischer pairs seemingly unrelated objects — like an ancient Peruvian Shipibo Pot and a Budweiser can — and renders them into 3D motion digital sculptures. Though colliding seamlessly, the objects are juxtapositions. The pairings emphasize differences, reveal likenesses, and invite the viewer to investigate the unlikely relationship in greater depth. Despite limitless interpretation, Fischer’s pairings are not coincidental. An exploration of human nature, the artworks highlight the interplay between manufactured objects and their deeper connection to humanity – some obvious, some humorous, and some painstakingly contemplative. In CHAOS, Fischer gives these objects a platform to tell their story, forcing viewers to observe the interconnectedness of life. The CHAOS series has garnered attention and support from all corners of the art world. Renowned gallery spaces like Gagosian, innovative auction app Fair Warning, former Christie’s co-chairman Loic Gouzer, and premiere NFT platform MakersPlace, converging under Fischer’s vision of evolving art and objects.




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Dropped on: 2024/06/17 10:30pm UTC +0