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Marco Brambilla: ‘The Orders’ on Artwrld

Artwrld is pleased to present The Orders, an NFT collection by seminal video artist @BrambillaStudio. An excavation of the iconography of Freemasonry, The Orders transports the often mystical material culture of a secret society into the digital and public realm of web3. An unlimited and 24-hour open edition mint of 30 possible different of Apprentice Objects. These Masonic tools and artifacts—each imbued with their own spiritual utility—have been culled from across the Masonic orders and meticulously rendered in gold. Utility Collectors of this entry tier of artworks will be given automatic first access to the second phase of the release. Marco Brambilla’s The Orders transports the often mystified material culture of the Freemason tradition into the digital and highly public realm of web3. September 19 — Entered Apprentice 24-hour open edition mint September 20 – Fellow Craft one-of-ones mint Widely known for his cutting-edge use of digital imaging technologies and the ways in which they can be deployed to disperse and recontextualize visual culture, this is Marco Brambilla’s first NFT collection at a large scale. Artwrld works collaboratively with artists to commission and produce projects that engage broad audiences and explore the emerging possibilities of blockchain technology for creative practice. We support artists throughout the entire process of making new work—from the initial concept to the final presentation—while fostering critical conversations about the issues driving digital art and culture.