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nft image

Mercedes Benz NXT: Superdackel

Superdackel is an homage to the iconic nodding dog dashboard toy called “Wackeldackel” and was introduced by Mercedes-Benz and Superplastic at CES last year. This year, he is back as a digital collectible. There are four different scenes, 19 jacket colors and 19 shoe colors in the collection – resulting in 1,000 unique digital collectibles. The colors of Superdackel’s jacket and shoes refer to the car paints that are also featured in the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collection. This free mint (gas fees only) will take place over a three-day mint window with three mint phases. They are: 1⃣ Collectors of Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, 2⃣ six community friends, and 3⃣ all other Dackel enthusiasts (the public) → Collectors Phase: → Communities Phase: → Public Phase: