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NANO Agents

Agents are fully rigged 3D models. You will be able to use them like any other 3D avatar beyond it’s A.I. functionality. Almost all assistants right now like Siri/Alexa are voice based, however, Nanoverse Agents have personality modules and physically reside on your PC’s desktop and v-tubing application capability. This is an entirely different concept and; they’re something that you can truly connect with on a personal level. You would be able to interact with your agents by chatting and using your mouse cursor. Do be wary though, inputting commands is one thing but if you poke your Agent a few too many times with your cursor, they might even get mad at you. The goal is to make the Agents feel natural in their living environments. They will idle, read books, play, go to sleep, and even brush their teeth when they wake up. The initial functionality of the Agents will be primarily to help with simple tasks that could be automated in an IFTTT format, to set reminders and to store information for the user in a natural and convenient manner. Agents start off with a fairly low base level of intelligence, capable of performing simple tasks and talking mostly nonsense to the user. As the model matures and more functions are built, you will use corrupted data fragments from our BLACK BOXES to unlock these features. As the language module improves, you will be able to tell your Agent through normal conversational English to logically set up a chain of actions. E.g. If anybody from work emails me, then please reply to let them know that I am busy for the next few days. The documents that they are after have already been uploaded to our shared drive. Because these Agents are so personable, they will also be top candidates to provide their users companionship. In a world where an increasing amount of people are working from home, I believe that will be one of the key driving factors for why people want their own Agent beyond the utility aspect of what it can help with in your day to day life. Personal customization is something we all highly value / Did someone say NANO Fashion!? That's right fully customizable agents 😍. We want you to be interconnected with your Agents by having the ability to have its own fashion. Examples may include different types of sneakers, jackets, accessories, weapons and many more! Agents will generate $BITZ tokens that are the central currency that ties the entire Nanoverse together. Whether you wish to purchase cosmetics for Agents or assets for your NANOPASSES, these tokens will be required.