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Laurence Fuller & ErythRic: ‘THE DAYS BEFORE THE REBELLION’ on Niftygateway

EryThRic and Laurence Fuller come together in “THE DAYS BEFORE THE REBELLION” with this new vehicle for storytelling Poetic Cinematic Fine Art. A stark vision of humanity's oncoming plight, with the intensity of a young Ridley Scott. Collaborating with EryThRic is like watching time being folded as a piece of sketch paper. At one edge lies our burgeoning relationship with Artificial Intelligence, and at the other edge, a not-so-distant future where technology has evolved into being. In between, there is a vast sea of subconscious thought with tentacles reaching into every facet of history and fact. These manifestations take form in physical space, coexisting with our world and its biology. Like Frankenstein standing on metal toes at the precipice of science and God, we explore the mysteries of human capabilities and limits, pushing beyond the boundaries of what we once deemed possible. Will this experiment be discarded in the scrapyards of the future? Will we encounter an abyss? Or, like the historical flux we have witnessed thus far, are we destined to rise and fall again and again? ~ Laurence Fuller These three artworks, gliding over the dark future illuminated by the pure white light remaining in the shadows, were created with the awareness of many conflicts that the past could not cover.