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nft image

Cornerstone: Noza Crystals

Cornerstone is a digital universe, residing in the heart of the hyper-realistic metaverse. It is powered by Noza, which is the source of all life, knowledge and energy. Noza Crystals are the pure manifestation of Noza giving their holders Free Pass to everything released from Cornerstone HQ while also sometimes triggering rare Noza manifestations to the lifeforms it gets in touch with. Cornerstone is a pixel-perfect metaverse brought to life by an award-winning virtual studio ZOAN. With 13 years of experience and over 700 successful Unreal Engine productions under their belt, Cornerstone was created to establish a digital universe that will remain relevant for years to come. Since September 2021, Cornerstone has been developing photorealistic metaverse along with industry-enabling cloud rendering technology, which has made them a trusted partner for various global consumer brands such as Nike and Fabricant. Noza Crystals are the most in-demand component of the Cornerstone universe, providing holders with the most benefits from the various projects taking place within Cornerstone. Crystal holders get a glimpse at the powers of Noza immediately after the Genesis drop, as there will be an airdrop from the Cornerstone Companions collection exclusively for Noza Crystal Holders. The power of the Crystals will manifest a surprise for your Companion