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ANONS by Matt Kane

'A couple portraits will be released along with their Multitudes in waves, every couple weeks. We begin the Auction on Tuesday, September 19th More ANONS coming soon…' 'A Chicago born, gallery exhibited artist in his early twenties, Kane left the art world for a decade to work as a web developer in the Pacific Northwest. It was there that he taught himself programming, gained life experience, and made career choices centered around creating, at a future date, the work he’s currently devoted. Kane began as a painter of oils to become a painter of code.' “I designed my custom software to leverage algorithms with my own human input. I build paintings layer by layer, making design choices through how the algorithms I’ve written should interact. I communicate in color and pattern in ways I long understood but which are too complex or time consuming for my hand and materials to manifest physically with traditional methods. I’m interested in exploring historical aesthetics with code; to do with geometry what the great painters did with oils.”