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nft image

Sotheby’s Sealed: Ether Rock

Sotheby's is thrilled to present @EtherRock , an early NFT collectible as a Sealed Auction. Ether Rocks have emerged as trailblazers, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the history of digital collectibles. It's a CC0 clipart of 100 rocks of the exact same shape and size but with different colors. The colors are the only rarity, this is a very early example of JPEGs tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by an anonymous creator in December of 2017, it showcases the potential of decentralized systems in the creation, distribution, and ownership of digital assets. Each Ether Rock is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT), providing a secure and transparent way to verify ownership. This innovation has laid the groundwork for the broader NFT movement, influencing the creation of diverse digital assets, from art to music and beyond. Created not long after Cryptopunks by Larva Labs, Ether Rocks stand as a testament to the historical significance of the intersection between technology, art, and culture.