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Papillon: ‘Madonna Litta’ on MakersPlace

The collection is a tribute to the famous cellist Jacqueline du Pré, a famous British musician who died at a young age. In this series, I have tried not to see the female face at first, so that the viewer's perception remains without judgment, and when she begins to see the rest of the photographic works, she realizes the feelings of this dominant musician. In this collection, I have tried to depict the work figuratively. Of course, it must be said that I did not know Mrs. Jacqueline closely and it is just my perception of her life and maybe it is imaginary. I used the symbol of a rabbit to show the endless effort of this unique musician. In some pictures, a rabbit can be seen that she cannot love and cannot hide her love for this creature. Of course, I have to say that I will never forget the first day I went to violin class. It was like an unattainable dream! My love for playing the violin has always influenced my photography and the musicians of this wonderful instrument have always been an inspiration to me. The starting bid for Madonna Litta is 0.06 ETH. All collectors who bid 0.45 ETH and above receives a physical print. The print is acrylic/ink on fabriano watercolor paper. 30cm x 40cm, 200gsm.